Mini circus box „Clear the ring!” white


This mini circus is not only for elephants, giraffes, beloved teddies and other artists, but most of all it creates a magic on the walls of your kids’ rooms. The arena is a place for all the pets and wild animals, clowns, puppets and everybody who can do a nice trick. And the flag waves in the way you want, or the wind tells you.

Measured without the flag: 15 cm x 18 cm x 9 cm / inches: 5,9 x 7,1 x 3,6

Material: Birch-plywood 10mm/0.40 inch and ecological, non-toxic water based color (the shelf can be normally cleaned, the color does not fade)

Color: Shelf is wooden, the circus front is white and wooden, the flag is in gold


Every piece of furniture is handmade and is individually made to order – we only work with materials that are of high quality, that guarantee stability and we pay attention to every detail during production, so that the circus box brings magic to your room for all times…

This mini circus box has no holes for hanging. The mini circus is simply made for putting it on a shelf, or a rack or a table to decorate or just to play with it. The flag can be removed or turned in the desired direction.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg