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Our onlineshop is still working normally and we ship products every day. The courier service DPD, which we use, still works properly and delivers within Europe.

SHIPPING TO THE US: we are shipping to the US, but not from Poland, but from Germany. This means we are collecting orders from the US and ship them once a month. Shipping to the US goes from Germany via DHL via express shipping (only shipping option at the moment). DHL is the official german post office and in the US it switches to USPS. So you can track your parcel via DHL or USPS. It takes about 6 workdays until the parcel reaches the US. The next possible shipping date is: 11th of July 2020. On this date we will ship all orders to the US. Order that want to be shipped at this date need to be placed before the 7th of July 2020!

In these hard times we are doing our best to prepare orders for shipping as fast as possible.

We will all master this crisis situation together. Stay at home and stay safe and healthy.

Your Up! Warsaw Team


Shipping information

All products are packed very carefully, so that they reach our clients intact and undamaged. In case the parcel is slightly or badly damaged, you have to fill in a damage report in presence of the courier or if the parcel was shipped by post, you have to fill in an application for relief at your post office and take some pictures of the damaged parcel or/and product.

In Poland and inside Europe we ship parcels mainly via courier (there are some exceptions), outside Europe we ship by national post.

The post only gives estimated shipping times, this means they do not guarantee that for example a priority parcel reaches a client in maximum 6 days. This is connected with the fact that in every country outside of the EU there are custom service controls, and for the duration of these controls the post cannot make any estimations or guarantees. An international shipping for example to the US or Asia, depends also on the parcel (priority or economy) can last between 6 workdays and up to 3 months.

If you would like to return a product, please pack it EXACT THE SAME WAY you received it, that means all the packaging and cardboards have to be put on the product the same way you received them, so that the products do not get damaged when they are sent back. Couriers and post are not always treating parcels with care, so the products need to be packed exact the same way we packed them for you.


Just put the products you would like to order in the basket. After viewing the basket you can see all the shipping prices to different countries.