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Up! Warsaw is a little family business, a little workshop that creates ecological, non-toxic furniture and products for kids rooms. It is the world of our own childhood in the rooms of our little ones – thanks to planes, circuses, balloons and clouds, walls are truly living!

We work with materials that are appropriate for kids: we swear by wood – plastic is not on our life! Everything is handmade and our products are covered with ecological, non-toxic water based colors.

Our motto: playing, design and function connected turns into fantasy and adventure for the kids.

„When my first daughter Alexandra was born, on one side I became a mother, so even more adult, and on the other side I felt like a kid again in her presence. One of the happiest, most exciting and most carefree moments in my childhood were the summer holidays when a little circus opened his gates near us. I had an agreement with the chefs: I helped with the animals during the day and as a counter after the showing I was allowed to ride a pony in the arena. The world of the circus: these colors, lights, costumes, props – that was fantastic and made a big impact on me. I wanted to give something of that to my daughter, I wanted her to play, sleep and wake up every day in such a magic world. The matching furniture I couldn’t find, so I started to do it myself: I drilled, sawed, forged and let my childish fantasy go. While doing so, I thought I could do this also for other people. Meanwhile when I am talking about Up! Warsaw I always say WE: that means my both daughters and my husband – my biggest helpers, critics, counselors and testers. “

Up! Warsaw brings the walls of your kid’s rooms to life: the shelves are heavenly, way-out and high-flown – clouds, planes, hot air balloons and circus trains with playful added value. Our products are not just something for the wall, every piece has something movable: with the biplane shelf you can turn the propeller, with the TV shelf you can move the telescopes up and down, on the cloud shelf the drops are waving, and with the circus shelf you can turn the little flag in the direction you want. And all of it is not only something for the eye – also something for the soul: every parent is happy, when his kid likes to tidy up.

„When we tidy up at home we even create tales: after the check-in teddy steps into the cockpit, takes his books on board and flies to Madagascar, puppets and animals step into the circus train and travel over night to the next city where they pitch the tent and prepare for the new show. Of course the rehearse is done in the circus tent and who just wants to have a rest, lays on the cozy cloud. And that is the way cleaning up is even fun for the kids.”

Magdalena, Dominik, Alexandra and Lena Nowak…

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